Company Policy

Policies and guidelines are meant to guide the employees and staff about the roles, business principles and responsibilities expected of them and the company’s ethics and beliefs to be followed anytime and everytime when inside the company premises. 

These policies also help protect the company from any legal problems cropping up later. But, how to make up these policies that stand green forever? Well, read on to know about making policies that will be balanced and apt for any company.

Employee policies:

Description of employee designation:

This should contain the designation and responsibility of the employee, including the level of decision making permissions, goals for them and specific tasks (if any).

Along with this, create some monitoring principles for theirperformance and also to check their development and to support via training and classes.

Structural organisation:

Maintain an organisation chart representing each person’s role in the organisation, starting from the highest level ending with the level of basic facility management staff. 

Rules of Conduct and Discipline:

Make sure that the issues pertaining to honesty, discrimination, harassment, abuse and performance are treated immediately. Write up the company actions against such behaviours and the tolerable line and intolerable ones, so that the employee is clear of the company stands for and what can be considered as a mode of fun and frolic.

Clearly No stages of Retaliation:

To protect every employee and the company from any problems arising within or outside, there has to be strictly NO RETALIATION policy, so that no offence is meant to anyone.

Safety policies:

Ensure to write up a safety policy, for the products, safety behaviour to be expressed by the employees and safe practices within the premises. Use the guidelines from the toppers or companies that already have such policies, follow their guidelines and create your own.